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Zhuoqi Ceramics Headquarters Exhibition Hall | A p
Origin:    Author:Tao Taobao Ceramic N    Time:2018-10-7 10:51:33    Popularity:46
It’s another annual National Day “Golden Week”. Do you have any plans to travel? Report Xiaobian, I have. But... everywhere is dense! Dense! ! Dense! ! !

Therefore, I want to refuse to be dense. Come to the Zhuoqi Ceramics Headquarters Exhibition Hall - a place full of artistic genes.

01 product in the perfect interpretation of space

“Not only the breakthrough in specifications, but also the innovation in space design.” Zhuoqi Ceramics Hall has been excellently applied in various spaces. Among the various products of Zhuoqi Ceramics, the systems of different specifications are more and more perfect, including 900x1800, 600x1200, 800×800 and other products of different materials. Zhuoqi Ceramics Hall pays more attention to the modern and minimalist situational experience. Let the space and space have the intersection of each other, making the whole exhibition hall more simple and atmospheric, which makes people marvel.

02 Product space redesign and re-creation

“Although everything has been created, Zhuoqi Ceramics believes that it can be redesigned to make the product the most unique design.” We are not just using the legacy that exists in nature, but we have The ability to create new things. Into the exhibition hall of Zhuoqi Ceramics, you will find the profound skill of Zhuoqi Ceramics for product creation. The 11° original rhyme stone, fine porcelain tiles and marble products have been revitalized by Zhuo Qi ceramics.

03 use the product to create an exclusive style

"Innovation is the way to unlock unlimited value." Good products can express endless emotions, warm and delicate, wild and unrestrained, industrial style, healing system and so on. In the exhibition hall of Zhuoqi Ceramics, you can feel the innovative mix and match of each space of Zhuoqi Ceramics, so that each viewer can feel the three-fold mix and match of the product's diverse sense of appearance, texture and beauty.

What are you waiting for, and arranging arrangements for the National Day holiday?
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