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Record | He Yanjuan, Chairman of the Board of Dire
Origin:    Author:Tao Taobao Ceramic N    Time:2018-10-5 9:28:25    Popularity:55
A detailed record is presented below.

At the press conference, Chairman of the Board of Directors, He Yanjuan (left), and Jiaxin Enterprise Cooperative Lawyer Tan (right)

This morning, at 8:49, this reporter received a call from the industry to inquire about the information about the events of Schwab. Through many inquiries, the reporter finally commissioned the industry to help him contact He Yanjuan, chairman of Jiaxin Enterprise, and hoped to meet the interview and get more detailed information.

After communication, the industry responded to the reporter at 10:24, saying that they had an interview at the exhibition hall at 3 pm.

At 10:49, the relevant person in charge of Jiaxin Enterprise asked if the reporter had made an interview in the afternoon. The reporter replied that it was yes, and informed that the previous appointment was at 3 pm, and the person in charge would advance the meeting time to 2: 30 points.

At 12:24, the reporter received a phone call from the media, indicating that Jiaxin Enterprise invited the media to open a press conference and invited the reporter to attend.

At 2:30 pm, the reporter and his party arrived at the Jiaxin Enterprise Exhibition Hall. At this time, in addition to the media in the exhibition hall, they did not see the same. The reporters waited with other media representatives who were on the scene to wait for the press conference to begin.

During the waiting period, mainly the employees of the company were at the reception, and the senior management indicated that there was something to deal with. During the period, the top management and employees of the company mentioned the topic of the Jiaxin incident, but also said that it is not officially released.

About 4:10, He Yanjuan, chairman of Jiaxin Enterprise, attended the interim press conference with Jiaxin Enterprise Cooperative Lawyer.

At the press conference, He Yanjuan said: "I want to correct and respond to the recent news of friends and some media reports on the Internet, such as "discontinuation of production" and "the boss has run away" and clarify the facts."

After the statement by He Yanjuan and the media's question, regarding the final facts of Jiaxin Enterprise and the progress of the incident, Jiaxinfang responded as follows:

First, the company did stop production, and officially announced the suspension of production announcements, but the reason for the suspension of production is not caused by the closure, but due to the comprehensive consideration of various aspects, the specific reasons are as follows:

1. The typhoon mangroves transited, and the government sent a letter requesting the company to stop working across the board;

2. After the mangosteen transit, it caused great economic losses to Schwab Enterprises. According to He Yanjuan’s press conference, the total loss was about 20 million, and it was necessary to stop production and maintenance. She said: "Because the Jiaxin Ceramics Factory is the first in the production park, it is greatly affected by the typhoon. We have a total of internal maintenance, it takes a long time to repair; plus some of our equipment needs maintenance, considering the end of each year The kiln inspection and maintenance is a common practice and there are many manufacturers. We don't want to be rushed together for repairs at a time. So the final decision is simply to stop the typhoon at this time, stop it for a little longer, repair it all at once, and stop at the end of the year."

3. Under the media inquiries, He Yanjuan replied: Before the kiln was stopped, the Jiaxin factory had about 100 million inventories. Considering that the recent sales have increased by more than 10% every month, Jiaxin Enterprise hopes to take the opportunity to stop the kiln. Inventory sales go out.

The picture shows the Jiaxin factory after the typhoon

Second, Jiaxin Enterprise does have employees leaving, but it is not the network that "people go to the building."

In response to media questions, He Yanjuan said in response to media questions: “Because the plan has been shut down for 2 months, involving more than 1,000 factory employees. Considering the income of employees, the factory will set the month according to the local minimum standards during the shutdown. The amount of issuance is 1,128 yuan; of course, the time for suspension of production is longer, and there will be employees who leave their jobs in consideration of their own needs. For those who choose to leave, they will settle their wages and leave (see notice). After leaving the job, He Yanjuan said that no exact statistics were made yet. However, photos published in the Jiaxin media group showed that the non-factory employees of Schwab Enterprises were working normally.

Photographs published in the Schwab media group show that the non-factory employees of Schwab are working in normal work.

3. On the 20th of this month, there were employees who went to the government to make trouble and asked for wages, but the incident did not reach the date of normal wage payment.

“Our company’s normal payroll date is 27, and the wages in August have not yet reached the usual time. Employees should choose to leave because they know that the factory is temporarily shut down, and the rumors in the WeChat group have caused panic. The incident became a 'salary incident'." He Yanjuan said.

4. Jiaxin Enterprise did have an economic dispute with a glaze company in the industry. It received a lawsuit file on the 15th of this month and is currently responding. Some of the equipment was indeed seized by the court (the seized equipment was rented by the supplier).

According to He Yanjuan and lawyers, the supplier of the litigation incident, Peng Mou and Jiaxin Enterprise, has more than 3 million raw materials. In July this year, 400,000 cheques expired. In July, Jiaxinfang negotiated with the company’s salesperson to pay 20 Ten thousand, the other 200,000 delays are paid after one week. However, the raw material supplier did not accept it and hoped that Schwab would pay the one-off payment of the unexpired raw materials of more than 2 million in September, October, November and December in other contracts. The Jiaxin side repeatedly contacted the boss of the surname Peng and failed to negotiate. The boss insisted on the lawsuit. At present, the Jiaxin side is actively responding.

5. There are indeed vehicles entering and exiting, but it is a normal sale of bricks.

He Yanjuan stressed: "The cooperation between the tile factory and the supplier is very normal. Almost every enterprise will exist. If we stop running, this report is untrue. There are more than one billion in stock in our factory. Even if the funds are tight, the goods are actually normal, all the property is in the company, we have not swept any penny to run. I live in Nanzhuang, I also attended the New Pearl's news media meeting two days ago. We have just held the 10th anniversary ceremony, and the factory celebrations have been going on until the end of the month. Our factory is in, people are also, how can we go to the building overnight? Again, say one night How can it be evacuated? More than 100 million bricks can be evacuated overnight?"

For about 2:50 pm today, the Jiaxin factory released in the industry WeChat group has large trucks entering and pulling bricks. Under the media question, He Yanjuan said: Every day, the vehicles are arranged in order, about 30 vehicles per day. In and out of the factory, part of it is the normal sale of bricks, and the other part is the OEM's vehicle.

Sixth, the next step will be to actively appease the dealers, speed up the repair and expect to resume production on November 30.

He Yanjuan said that the company is currently actively responding to related matters. “We originally planned to resume production on November 30th. At present, it seems that the plan may be affected. The normal operation of the ceramics factory is inseparable from the trust of suppliers, and is influenced by the information of WeChat group and circle of friends. Business anxiety is worried, we are actively appease."

At 4:35 pm, the new Jiaxin media group was built.

Around 5:30 in the afternoon, the press conference is over.

At around 6 pm, the media group issued photos of the factory damage caused by the relevant typhoon mentioned in the press conference and photos of other non-production line employees of Jiaxin Enterprise going to work normally;

At 6:23 pm, the police emergency notice document issued by the People's Government of Shuitai Town, Xinxing County was released.

At 7:14 pm, Jiaxin Fang sent a letter to the media group to send a text report on the facts of the Jiaxin factory (see later in the report).

Jiaxin Fang issued a letter to the media group in the Jiaxin factory

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