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The opening of the Porto Tile (Wenzhou) flagship s
Origin:    Author:Tao Taobao Ceramic N    Time:2018-9-26 20:50:19    Popularity:70

"The meaning of life is not simply to exist and live, but to move forward, progress to gain and conquer."
One of the quotations of the cultural wall of the Wenzhou flagship store in Porto

When I was doing market terminal research, I encountered a lot of tile agents related to this quotation mentality. It was positive and positive. In the big environment, it was the most promising group of “moving bricklayers”. Of course, there are also some stubborn but hopeful The tile agents who have been “redeemed”, especially in the past, operate in the traditional wholesale, husband and wife storefront, front store and back warehouse mode. Sometimes, even the authors feel anxious and forced to make suggestions for their stubborn thinking. Fortunately, the sun is more than negative, such as more and more sophisticated ceramic tile brands, they not only aggressively move forward like a black horse, but also the brand operation concept is more suitable for tile agents, and more to meet the end consumer market. Therefore, more and more tile agents are willing to follow them to develop together.
Another example is the OBORTO Porto ceramic tile brand, which is positioned as a SOHO designer brand and is a representative of the “young, fashionable and international” industry brands. Following the grand opening of the flagship store in Kunming at the end of June, the brand headquarters continued to upgrade and change. During the opening of the Wenzhou flagship store, it launched a nationwide search for 20 VIP partners and other activities, hoping to be more suitable for market development, and willing to change and align with the concept. Tile agents work hand in hand.
This is the beginning of the following "story" retelling.
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