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Tao Taobao Network Development History:
Tao Tao Bao Public Secretary issued a calendar
October 2018
Taotaobao introduced "the only exhibition function section on the industry: pottery exhibits(ceramic exhibition function that never ends)"
June 2018
Won the title of "Guangdong Province Integrity Demonstration Enterprise" for 5 consecutive years
April 2018
Enterprise recruitment column adds automatic release function
February 2018
Ceramic businessman's pulse circle(WeChat Group, QQ Group) successfully launched
December 2017
Tao Tao Bao Shopping Mall(ceramic tile shopping mall) independently developed and launched
October 2017
Taobao self-development of the first industry information timing function successfully launched
May 2017
For four consecutive years, it has won the Guangdong Provincial Integrity Demonstration Enterprise and has become a provincial AAAA-level integrity enterprise.
April 2017
Won the honor of "Top Ten Outstanding Enterprises in National Service Quality(Key Promotion)"
April 2017
The company subscription number(subscription number: TC-TOTOB) successfully passed the original certification
December 2016
Cooperation with Foshan Information Technology School and other technical talents colleges and universities
November 2016
Application of 4 software copyrights to ensure and improve user safety environment
October 2016
Taotaobao tile city officially launched, become the industry's first safe and easy to use ceramic online trading platform
May 2016
Three consecutive years won the Guangdong Province credit demonstration enterprise, become AAA credit enterprises
May 2016
First joined Foshan Software Industry Association in order to provide more complete software services
March 2016
Shop product details display revision upgrade, more beautiful display, more detailed description of parameters
December 2015
Launched the Taotaobaowang International Edition, successfully internationalized and globalized
August 2015
Launched Tao Taobao mobile version wap.totoob.com, the first mobile e-commerce platform in the ceramic industry
August 2015
WeChat Service Number[Taotaobao Ceramic Network] changed its name to[Ceramic Electric Business]
July 2015
Through the examination of the China Quality Credit Assessment and Management Center and the Beijing Zhongbiao Credit Evaluation Center, it was rated as a Grade 4A Chinese quality credit enterprise
June 2015
For two consecutive years, Guangdong Province has obtained a demonstration enterprise of honesty and integrity
April 2015
Launched a consumer recharge system, users can arbitrarily recharge pottery coins, through the use of pottery coins to publish, view, download information, etc..
January 2015
Taotaobao became one of the first batch of 26 e-commerce enterprises in Foshan City.
November 2014
Participate in the signing ceremony of the "Guangdong Corporate Integrity Convention" and sign on the integrity convention
October 2014
At the 24th Ceramic Expo, Tao Taobao's shops were promoted on the spot and caused great repercussions from merchants.
July 2014
In order to let businesses no longer worry about the poor quality of distribution resulting in higher costs and delivery delays, Tao Taobao added a well-known logistics distribution area
July 2014
Increase the ceramic quotation reference bar to facilitate consumers to understand, inquire the price, enhance consumers to the merchant's trust.
June 2014
The launch of Ceramic Honest ICT membership services, Ceramic Integrity has nine major privileges, a variety of value-added services, and enjoy the priority rights of various promotion and preferential activities of the website.
May 2014
"Taotaobao" keywords were successfully included on official platforms such as Baidu Encyclopedia, 360 Encyclopedia and Sogou Encyclopedia
April 2014
1. Successfully won the Guangdong Provincial Integrity Demonstration Enterprise 2. Successful registration of "Ceramic Electronic Business" service number and "Taotaobao Ceramic Network" subscription number on the WeChat Public Number
February 2014
Tao Taobao successfully passed the real name certification and official website certification of the security alliance composed of Tencent, Baidu, Jinshan Network, etc., and became the only officially certified public e-commerce platform in the ceramic industry.
January 2014
Application for WeChat Public Platform Service Number and has been approved and certified(Microsignal: FS_TOB)
December 2013
Participated in the inaugural meeting of the Electronic Commerce Industry Association of Chancheng District, Foshan City, and joined the Electronic Commerce Industry Association as a member.
October 2013
Large-scale participation in the 22nd Ceramic Expo, won the majority of business users strong reaction and launched the Ceramic Communications Integrity Business Group-Ceramic Trading Super Group(204142834 most popular information most active QQ group)
April 2013
Participated in the 21st Ceramic Expo and successfully launched a video promotion function, with more than 10,000 customers registered
April 2012
Participation in the 19th Tao Bo Exhibition, VIP Shop Release Promotion
March 2012
Taotaobaowang upgrade supply and demand release platform, free and open, deeply trusted by the industry. Upgrade online exhibition hall for VIP shops
January 2011
Ceramic special price network officially changed its name to Taotaobaowang, entered the upgrade, the third edition was officially developed, a professional service ceramics industry B2B + B2C business model e-commerce website
September 2009
China has successively launched ceramic sales and distribution services and ceramic product promotion services, and set up a "one-stop shopping" service column to understand customer needs
June 2008
The second edition of the ceramic special offer network was successfully revised. Professional supply and demand released platform operations. The number of products released reached 10,000, and many ceramic sellers rushed to publish.
December 2006
Ceramic special sale net first edition official operation, become ceramic industry first special sale marketing platform
August 2006
Tao Taobao domain name(totobo.com) registered successfully, ceramic special price network officially launched
Taotaobaowang(www.totobo.com) has always been trusted and supported by the majority of business users. Therefore, the website pays more attention to the service security of users, makes every effort to make use of our professional advantages to operate and maintain, and continuously improves the quality of service in various links., continuously increase the enrichment of industry information, We will work together to create the first e-commerce integrity brand platform in the ceramic industry.


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